What To Look For In A Hair Straightener?

A Hair Straightener is a go-to accessory for every person who loves styling their hair. It is more of an investment, so you need to shop for an ideal one that will not damage your hair and last for years. This multi-purpose tool is used to style hair in different ways apart from hair straightening. From straightening your hair to curling them and others, you can use them to create an array of hairstyles. One may think that buying a hair straightener would be easy. But who knew that with ample options in the market, one would have to do their research before buying one. So, to get you started on which hair straightener would suit your kind of hair the best, the below-mentioned guide is of the utmost worth for you.


  • If you have got hair that can get easily straightened, ceramic hair straighteners are perfect for you. It means if you have thin and wavy hair, this type will suit you the best.
  • These are perfect to use on a daily purpose as they cause less damage.
  • It is also known to cause less damage to your hair by distributing the heat evenly at low temperatures. No irregular or patchy heat is observed through this type of hair straightener.
  • The plates of this hair straightener also heat up quickly. It means that you don’t have to wait around for the hair straightener to get heated when you are short on time.
  • The ceramic hair straighteners are infused with ion neutralizing properties that do not cause damage to your hair. These negative ions neutralize the positive ions created while using heat on your hair. The results will astonish you, and will give you Shiny and non-frizzy hair.


titanium straightener
  • If your hair does not get easily straightened, this hair straightener will help you get them straight and shiny in one go. This kind of hair straightener is ideal for a person with stubborn, coarse, and thick hair.
  • It is perfect to style your hair while getting ready for a party or an occasion because of the minimal time it takes to get the work done due to its high heat.
  • It gets heated up quickly to high temperatures. Safety might be a concern in this kind of hair straightener.
  • It features quick heating and high performance, which is why many salons use it at their place.
  • It is inbuilt with impeccable plates that will glide smoothly over your hairs to give them a Silky and Shiny appearance.


  • If you have damaged and overly dry hair that lacks moisture, steam hair straightener will suit them the best. It makes your hair look healthier and nourished.
  • One can use it while traveling as the hair tends to get damaged and frizzy with the heat, dust, and pollution in the air.
  • This type of hair straightener is different from others as it includes distinct bristles acting like a brush in place of flat plates.
  • This hair straightener is a type of ironing device that utilizes vapor spray from a water tank instead of using your hair moisture.
  • The risk of hair over-drying of hair vanishes with this kind of hair straightener. It helps you get a more natural look.


  • If you have frizzy hair and want long term smooth and straight hair, this type of hair straightener is a perfect choice.
  • This hair straightener includes ceramic plates that include almond oil and keratin.
  • This kind of hair straightener adjusts the styling temperature according to the moisture level in your hair.
  • It has multiple temperature settings in it and is easy to carry along with you while traveling.
  • This hair straightener will work well in place of any other hair treatment you would be looking for as it includes less harmful chemicals.


ceramic hair brush
  • This hair straightener brushes and straightens your hair altogether in just minutes with Salon quality results.
  • It is ideal to use for all kinds of hair types. It gives the best results with both wet and dry hair.
  • With no stress of chemicals and heat damaging your hair because of the absence of plates, this kind of hair straightener is best for people who look for minimal damage and styling in one tool.
  • It covers all volume of your hair at once, unlike other hair straighteners.
  • This hairbrush straightener includes wide-spaced crystals that detangle your hair smooth and straighten them polished to the end.

For a worthy purchase, here are some extra tips for you!

  • Shape: Yes! It matters. One with sharp edges may give you slightly straighter hair while rounded edges one will be easier to transition your straightener into a curling iron.
  • Plates: From ceramic, titanium, keratin infused ceramic to others, there are ample of options to select from.
  • Temperature Settings: Choose a hair straightener that has different heat settings.
With this guide, you are all ready to get on your shopping of hair straightener! Also, check out our review on Best Pocket Friendly/Cheap Hair Straighteners

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