Best Steam Flat Iron For Natural Hair

Straight hair look is perfect for all occasions, and you can get that sleek look for any situation with flat irons. It is an essential tool for natural hair, but  it comes with a cost. Although flat iron helps you a lot to don that perfect look with straight locks, it can be damaging your hair gradually. This is where steam flat iron comes to the rescue. It releases the moisture with steam, which prevents damage to hair from over drying.

Product name




Hair Damage



Max Temp- 410 degrees, Removable comb




Ceramic Floating plates, 450 degree max, auto shut down




305- 445 degrees, 90 secs heat up, auto shut down




6 Temperature Settings




Best for frizzy hair, 6 temp settings- 350 to 450, 30 secs heat up, Built in comb teeth


Confused ? Find the Best Steam Flat Iron For Straighteners for your hair

List of Steam Flat Irons

As someone who cannot compromise with their hair styling options, but also wants to keep hair shiny, silky, and smooth, you cannot go wrong with this list of the best steam flat iron for natural hair. You can choose the most suitable steam iron for your gorgeous locks based on features, budget, and more mentioned below:

1. Redken & Rowenta Salon Steam Infusion Straightening Iron

Redken and rowenta Price- $249.99
  • For people who have rough, thick, and coarse hair, Redken and Rowenta straightener is worth investing.
  • The double technology plates allow constant flow of steam to ensure sleek hair from root to tip.
  • It makes hair soft and shiny, no matter how thick because it is designed for high temperatures upto 410 degrees.
  • It has a firm and secure grip, a removable comb for tangle free hair, and a temperature controller for adjustable styling.

2. OSIR Professional Titanium Steam Hair Straightener

OSIR professional titanium Price- $88.99
  • OSIR steam hair straightener is designed with efficient floating plates to ensure even heating overall.
  • The plates are covered in titanium to allow temperature to reach each strand uniformly.
  • It has firm and secure grip with multiple styling options for waves, curling, and more.
  • It comes with a temperature controller with maximum temperature upto 450 for thick hair, but automatic shut-down prevents overheating and damage.

3. Sela Beauty Ultrasonic Steam Hair Straightener

Sela Beauty hair straightener Price- $75
  • With Sela Steam hair straightener, you don’t have to wait long. It heats within 90 secs for quick fix and touch ups.
  • It has floating ceramic plates that ensure even pressure reaches each strand.
  • It has a temperature range of 305 – 445 degrees. It comes with a temperature controller and an auto shut down option to prevent frying or burning of strands.

4. Magicfly Dry and Wet Hair Steam Flat Iron

Magicfly dry to wet hair Price- $40
  • Magicfly steam flat iron heats in one minute using its dual PTC heater which saves time.
  • It comes with five mode options for dry and wet hair.
  • The self shut down option after 60 minutes of inactivity prevents electricity and damage.
  • It has ceramic heating plates that are lockable for travelling.

5. Furiden Professional Ceramic Dual Voltage Steam Hair Straightener

furiden professional Price- $56.99
  • Ideal for rough, frizzy hair.
  • With its quick heating mechanism, you don’t have to wait as it heats within 30 secs. This steam flat iron keeps the natural moisture of your hair.
  • The ceramic cover on 1 inch plate provides extra protection.
  • It has 6 heating options adjustable between 350 and 450 degrees which shows on the LCD attached for temperature display.
  • The built in comb teeth ensure firm grip and proper straightening of each strand.

How to Use

Below is the quick step by step guide to help you understand how to use steam flat iron.
  • Wash your hair with shampoo and finish washing with a good conditioner.
  • Use a towel to pat dry, and wait for your hair to dry. Or, you can use a hair dryer to speed the process when in a hurry.
  • This is important if you are a frequent flat iron user. Apply heat protection spray before using the steam flat iron.
  • Fill the water chamber in the hair straightener as instructed.
  • Divide your hair into sections for proper straightening.
  • Carefully assemble the water chamber to the straightener.
  • Plug it and switch it on and wait for it to reach the desired temperature.
  • Turn on the steam setting and make other temperature adjustments.
  • Clamp and release the plate 3-5 times before using it on hair to check the release of steam.
  • Start straightening out the hair sections one by one by carefully clamping and releasing it on hair.

Pros & Cons of Steam Flat Iron

Every styling tool that is available in the market has its fair share of pros and cons when compared to other styling methods.


  • Steam flat hair straightener is gentle and prevents your hair from over drying by releasing moisture.
  • It makes hair smooth, sleek, and shiny.
  • It is lightweight and portable.
  • It keeps hair moist and damage free.


  • As it uses water for steam, it is a slow styling method compared to other alternatives.
  • You have to refill the water chamber which takes time.

How is it Different from Regular Hair Straighteners

Steam hair iron straightener is different from other straighteners primarily because of its water use. Regular hair straighteners don't need water, which results in drying of hair. They rid the hair follicles of their natural moisture as well. Thus, the water used in steam flat iron helps in preventing the over drying by releasing it in hair follicles evenly throughout the styling process. If you are interested in reading our review on Best Steam Hair Straighteners, check out this article.

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