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How to Clean your Hair Straightener?

For ladies the makeup tools like a hair straightener can be a lifeline companion. These help in giving the right shape to the ladies wanting to give an edge to their look and avatar. However, using them too often can make them in a bad shape and thus it has to be cleaned. A clean and well maintained hair straightener can give you a better effect while using the same. As you apply oil in your hair, you are likely to get the hair products along with the oils giving them a gunky mess. Let’s check how one can learn these flat iron rods as under:

What you need for Effective Cleaning ?

Regardless of the option you choose for cleaning of your hair straighteners’ flat iron, you would need a couple of things to clean. The following are these things you need to clean the same:
  • Warm Water
  • Baking Soda
  • Cotton balls
  • Nail Polish Remover
  • Rubbing Alcohol
  • An unused or old toothbrush
  • Hydrogen Peroxide Gel
  • A piece of damp cloth or paper towel
  • Creams relaxer
  • Vinegar and
  • Moisten cloth
Most of these things can be easily found at your home, while others can be procured from any nearby general store.

General Cleaning 

general cleaning The first method is the general cleaning of the flat irons. You just need a piece of damp cloth or paper towel with a professional cleaning solution including Koala Kleaner. Now, you need to heat the flat iron for a few minutes setting at the lower temperature. The heat will put down the buildup residue and make cleaning a hassle free experience. It takes barely five minutes to complete this step. Once you find the iron cooling down, make sure you wipe the flat iron and then clean with the solution.

Cleaning With Cotton Ball and Rubbing Alcohol

The next method you can try is cleaning the same with a cotton ball along with rubbing alcohol. For this cleaning method, you would need a cotton ball along with a wet cloth and a rubbing alcohol. Now, allow your flat iron to get heated and then make them cool gradually. Remove the cotton ball along with dipping them over the rubbing alcohol along with wiping the plate surface of the iron with it. You can easily add the figure for pressing up the cotton ball and then clean the same over the nooks and crannies over the plate surface. Once you clean it, you can clean the alcohol content along with making the dirt seen over the plates. rubbing alcohol

Cleaning With Nail Polish Remover and Warm Water

For this cleaning method, you need a few cotton balls and warm water along with the nail polish remover. The very first tip you need to start is to polish the flat iron plates with the polish remover and then rub it with a cotton ball. Make sure you rub the area gently and in circular motion. Add pressure on the darker areas as there one can find most of the build ups. Once you finish it, take a clean cloth along with soaking it in warm water. After this, you have to wipe the entire straightener with it. Lastly make your iron hot and then clean the soft residue along with dirt.

Advanced Cleaning

For this cleaning method, you need a good baking soda along with a magic eraser, cream relaxer, vinegar and moist cloth. First of all you need a 1/4th of baking powder in a cup, you then have to add vinegar in it. Now, mix them well and then apply it over the flat iron plates using your fingers. Now with the help of a toothbrush or magic eraser, you need to rub over the entire surface with it. Now, clean it slowly with the help of rubbing it with some amount of force till you find the residue disappearing using damp cloth. advanced cleaning

The Dos and Donts of Hair Straightener Cleaning 


  • Always unplug the Hair Straightener flat iron before you start cleaning.
  • Do allow the flat iron plates to cool down to the comfortable extent to avoid any kind of burn to your hand.
  • Using gloves while cleaning them is always a good idea, preferably the ones made of cloth.


  • Do not start cleaning when the iron rod is hot
  • Don’t be irregular in cleaning the flat iron to retain its edge
  • Do not use your nails to clean the surface of the flat iron as these remain hard and it can ruin the surface

Wrapping up 

When it comes to using the hair straightener, it becomes hot and once you start using it immediately, the hot plates and the hair along with the oil can stick over it. This can make the plates appear messy and uneven. Hence it is important one has to clean them on a regular basis. By doing it regularly can make the flat clean from the oils and other mess apart from making them effective for your usage. Want to know interesting styling tips & list of best straighteners for short hair? Read this article on How to Use Hair Straightener on Short Hair. 

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