best Cordless Hair Straighteners

Best Cordless Hair Straighteners

Everybody wants to look good. Whether you are traveling or relaxing at home, there is constantly a desire to look attractive. While putting up makeup is not always possible, you can choose to style your hair anytime, anywhere. Yes, you read that right. You can now style your hair anywhere with some amazing products. Especially when it comes to straightening your hair, there are many options. In this post, I have covered 6 of the best cordless hair straighteners which you can get from Amazon. 

So, dive right in and uncover all these products.

1. Easymoss Cordless Hair Straightener

This tool is perfect for those who live their life on the go. With this, you can get that instant touch up before an important date, office meeting or evening party. 

Easymoss Cordless Hair Straightener


  • Two rechargeable LG lithium-ion 2900mAh batteries
  • Infrared heat technology
  • 100% Safety Guarantee

Price: $90

2. Deogra Cordless Mini Flat Iron

Although this device is not suitable to be used on long and thick hair, you can use it to style your short hair, tails, and bobs. It is small and convenient to carry in a handbag or purse. You can use it whenever you want and however you want. This device best serves the purpose of giving you a quick touch up before you go on a date or important meeting. It helps you achieve that desired look in a really short amount of time. Isn’t that great?

Deogra Cordless Mini Flat Iron


  • Fast heating and recovery
  • Compact and foldable
  • Eye-catching design

Price: $29.99

3. CHI Escape Battery Powered Hair Straightener

Want a quick touch up hairdo? Get this compact, cordless device that is super light and convenient for transportation. This device is designed keeping in mind that your hair needs even distribution of heat to get the perfect straightened look. You can expect to get shiny and strong hair when you use this product. 

CHI Escape Battery Powered Hair Straightener


  • Easy charging option
  • Compact and lightweight design
  • Ceramic tourmaline plates
  • Quick heating up to 410℉

Price: $73.00

4. Cordless Mini Hair Straightener

This one is a really small device. You can carry it in your purse and move around anywhere. You can use it wherever you want as it runs on battery and doesn’t require any wires. A lot of girls find this ideal for getting ready for quick date nights, office meetings, traveling and other outdoor activities. 

Cordless Mini Hair Straightener


  • Compact size, convenient to carry around
  • Can be used for straightening as well as curling
  • Ideal for quick touch up

Price: $42.99

5. Dafni Allure Cordless Straightening Brush

This ceramic coated hairbrush is a unique and revolutionary product. Unlike other hair straighteners, it has a larger surface area. It is perfect for even distribution of heat throughout your hair. With this, you can straighten and smoothen your hair from the root to tip in just 20 to 30 minutes. Now, that is what I call a time-saver!

Dafni Allure Cordless Straightening Brush


  • Long-lasting Lithium Ion batteries
  • Extra bristles
  • Suitable for all hair types

Price: $199

6. Quince Cordless USB-Rechargeable Hair Styling Iron

This is a convenient-to-use device that lets you get your hair straightened with ease. If you are looking for powerful performance, you can try this.

Quince Cordless USB-Rechargeable Hair Styling Iron


  • 3 heat settings
  • Comfortable, ergonomic grip
  • 30 minutes of usage time

Price: $83

Final words

That was the list of the best cordless hair straighteners in 2020. These appliances take away the hassle of wires and plugs so that you can focus on the real thing – getting that perfect hair look.

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